Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post-New Year Wednesday

Wednesday night in the big city. Wanted to stay in and detox but that never happens. Besides, DiverD's last night in town for a while.

Japanese at Yamato? Cool. Baked out and hopped on a moto. Blitzed. Floated through the door and damn near face planted into a carp pool. Cool. Nobody saw it.

Diver and his significant sitting poolside. Nice place. A long sushi bar, a yakitori grill, and teppanyaki tables. Private rooms in the back. The carp pool a nice touch. Good feed, too. Sushi and sashimi a win and some pretty cute waitresses. A feast to remember. Mainly because the bill for 3 people came to $134.

But to be fair, we could have gone easy instead of kicking into medieval banquet mode. But that's not why you meet people for Jap food. Either way,

Next time Suzume.

10:30pm. Only ones left. Tired, angry looking staff wanted us out. I commiserate. Besides, 2 1/2 bottles of sake in us and then some. Should call it a night's only 10:30.

Sharky Bar:
Sharky's good lately. Chicks on the post-New Year $$ hunt. Time to pay for all that New Year gambling and drinking their boyfriends, husbands, brothers got into. A pretty full house. Some new faces on the prowl and the boys all out on the town. All thinking the same thing. Hours of talk, drink, flirt.

Zeppelin called. The staff recovering from the night before. Plied them with monster B-52s all night. They drank until they group-puked behind the bar. 3am - Good tunes. Drunken banter and cheap booze. Teeth sauntered by. Thinking home. But the devil on my shoulder...

Someone said the Heart was full of action. I wondered....Doubting. Hate the Heart. Denizen of queers, African scammers, and tourists without imagination...And Dredge's decided it's his favorite late night pull-party. Publisher jumped on the bandwagon....

People raving about the renovations they made. "It's changed....better than before," Publisher assured, "Security is cool now." I Headed to the pat-down. Junior Hitler at the door grabbed my dick, squeezed my pockets and grabbed the rig in my back pocket. Hands on hips, he heroically declared:

"You Cannot Use Drug in My Bar!! Cannot Be Bring Illegal Drug into Heart Da'kness!!"

I thought about a response. Like, "...Your bar is packed with Nigerian coke dealers and meth-addled weirdos.." but... Why argue? Many reasons not to spend my hard-earned cashish here. Douchebag security guard is just one more.

A lot to be said about the Heart and the people who love it, but the photo sums-up the place up better than anything I can write:

Take that MutherFucker*

Oh yeah -

Happy New Year!

*(and if this isn't angry enough for you, dig her)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Tourist season is over but brown legs, high heels and white shorts always works for me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jump n on the op

Fuckn a, first post of the new year. What are we at? like the 15th or something? M still good, but still thins out early. Talent around town not like past years at this time. I guess killing time under the house in the province on a bamboo platform beats doing tourist trash. Missing the hunt lately as I have acquired more numbers than days of the week, and it has been easier just to make that bootie call between venues. Phone ringging now, gotta go.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Year in Review

Today I decided to find out where Skype keeps its chat history. I found it; a collection of compressed files but containing some readable text. A few idle comments in no particular order:

  • Actually shouldn't talk about organ donors that way

  • boy, Al and Jon were rice burner geeks last night!

  • C'mon guys, they are just nice people trying to do something good for a charge, I mean change

  • except some people have more than one

  • He said the Chinese Khmei guy has 2

  • Flowers or chocolates? Or is it gold? I'm a bit out of practice

  • I just came from the doctor

  • Which antibiotics?

  • Sent you a file. Watch the tears

  • Maybe I should call my guy

  • Pocketdean

  • Maybe that's all they need to do, just expand

  • Want to get her a vinyl french maid's costume, but maybe too early for that

  • It's coming today, I can smell!!

  • Ya, but probably would have better things to do if you were there

  • Just infected, now have antibiotic pills and cream

  • Please! I have just eaten

  • Are they actually twins? Looks like it

  • That's how he keeps his girlish figure

  • If I get a flat I'm making D---- change the tire

  • very few rules in the bush. just rules of biology and physics

  • easy meal last night, and all stayed where it should

  • thats what I want to force today

  • correct, but the US is nuts

  • power back?

  • hmmm. let me see what's up with the troops


  • tonite have power

  • yeah, but grab a couple a maga rita's and it won't matter

  • it's like polyspace analysis

  • but I will fix it in time for the unscrewing!!!

  • or grab a couple London Lawyers and get yourself a good rogering

  • I'll zip it up and email it to you

  • still cleaning it up but better than before

  • I am never listening to D--- B----- again

  • all girls at my house

  • sale pending on waiving of conditions
  • Sell your old one back for $15

  • so, back to the grind.

  • with fines start at BAC levels of 0.25 I'm not too worried

  • could I bring a mem stick to grb some pix?

And my personal favorite:

  • there is no paradise anywhere without any "mistakes" *

F*ck all y'all... Have a happy and prosperous 2010!!!

* TM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today on Thai Visa reported today that a new cable from Asia to the USA to increase bandwidth is in operation today. Now you will get the lack of posting on this site much quicker.