Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Year in Review

Today I decided to find out where Skype keeps its chat history. I found it; a collection of compressed files but containing some readable text. A few idle comments in no particular order:

  • Actually shouldn't talk about organ donors that way

  • boy, Al and Jon were rice burner geeks last night!

  • C'mon guys, they are just nice people trying to do something good for a charge, I mean change

  • except some people have more than one

  • He said the Chinese Khmei guy has 2

  • Flowers or chocolates? Or is it gold? I'm a bit out of practice

  • I just came from the doctor

  • Which antibiotics?

  • Sent you a file. Watch the tears

  • Maybe I should call my guy

  • Pocketdean

  • Maybe that's all they need to do, just expand

  • Want to get her a vinyl french maid's costume, but maybe too early for that

  • It's coming today, I can smell!!

  • Ya, but probably would have better things to do if you were there

  • Just infected, now have antibiotic pills and cream

  • Please! I have just eaten

  • Are they actually twins? Looks like it

  • That's how he keeps his girlish figure

  • If I get a flat I'm making D---- change the tire

  • very few rules in the bush. just rules of biology and physics

  • easy meal last night, and all stayed where it should

  • thats what I want to force today

  • correct, but the US is nuts

  • power back?

  • hmmm. let me see what's up with the troops


  • tonite have power

  • yeah, but grab a couple a maga rita's and it won't matter

  • it's like polyspace analysis

  • but I will fix it in time for the unscrewing!!!

  • or grab a couple London Lawyers and get yourself a good rogering

  • I'll zip it up and email it to you

  • still cleaning it up but better than before

  • I am never listening to D--- B----- again

  • all girls at my house

  • sale pending on waiving of conditions
  • Sell your old one back for $15

  • so, back to the grind.

  • with fines start at BAC levels of 0.25 I'm not too worried

  • could I bring a mem stick to grb some pix?

And my personal favorite:

  • there is no paradise anywhere without any "mistakes" *

F*ck all y'all... Have a happy and prosperous 2010!!!

* TM

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mrklatham said...

You are a legend,ubercon.
Keep it coming...