Friday, February 12, 2010

In Case There Ever Was Any Doubt


Percival said...

Dear Sirs,
I feel it my duty to inform you of the great offense and umbrage I take at this insinuation. Soccer, as you colonial barbarians call it, is perhaps the greatest and longest lasting vestige of the empire the sun once never set on.
I am however puzzled by the sight of the gerbils scurrying away from the photo?
Yours in righteous indignation
Percival Lytonloafer

Dredge said...

World Cup coming up. I bet a game won't go by where a guy is rolling around on the ground whining it hurts it hurts.

KYGreg said...

Bruce would certainly agree! I wonder if he and Ming are still in Shanghai? KYGreg

DonBong said...

Bruce was in PNH last I heard. Dig the poster.

Percival said...

Bruce??? How did you know my life partner's first name? I am most disturbed with the direction this has headed. I'm afraid you've backed me into a position where I must take these insults personally. KY, Dredge and Don Bong, I do not know who your are but Bruce and I desire to discuss these insults with you face to face.
You can find both Bruce and I every night sitting at the Salt Lounge bar near the telly watching football. CHEERS TO CHELSEY!!!!
We anxiously await putting you colonial barbarians in your proper place.
In righteous indignation
Percy Lytonloafer

Khmerican said...

Hey KYJelly. Saw B&M every Friday when the Joker was high...haven't seen them since. I think they're around til April and then back to Shanghai. You back in PI?